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Monday, September 9, 2019

The CFM Distinction
Summer 2019

Welcome to the summer edition of our company newsletter, The CFM Distinction.  There is a lot of information to share in this space so please read when you have a few minutes to digest it all!

Over the last few years, I have become involved with the Legislative Support Committee (LSC) which is a part of the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC), a committee of CAI (Community Associations Institute).  CLAC exists to advocate on behalf of our clients with education for legislators surrounding issues related to Association living.  You can read more here about CLAC.  
I intend to use this platform to inform our clients when efforts are needed to support or oppose a bill that will directly affect the way we all serve our communities.  One such bill is SB 323 (Wieckowski), the Board Member Qualifications; Elections bill.  This one is scary and we need all hands on deck to oppose, and fast, as it will be voted on very shortly.  This bill would prohibit an Association from establishing requirements for a member to serve on the Board of Directors.  This means if you have a member previously convicted of a financial felony (forgery, embezzlement, etc), they could serve on your Board of Directors.  I've attached the potential financial impacts of this bill should it pass here.  This bill was introduced last year as SB 1265 and was vetoed by the governor.  Let's get this defeated again! 

Help Us Defeat SB 323
Help Us Defeat SB 323

We need to target Assembly Member's as they are the next to vote.  Find your Assembly Member's contact information here and call or email today.  It only takes a few minutes and will contribute to a giant impact we can all have together.  I have personally visited three local legislative offices to spread the word about SB 323.  We all need to do our part to defeat this bill.  Thank you!  

Keeping you up to date with information such as this is a reminder why you have chosen CFM as your financial management team. CFM is the only accredited financial management firm in California. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your Association!

With Gratitude,
Stacie & Linnea

Consider donating to CLAC!
During your budget process, please consider adding a line item to support the education and advocacy efforts of CLAC.  A Buck-A-Door (or more) is a great way to support the voice and impact we have in Sacramento. 
Here is more information as well as a video indicating why your support is necessary and impactful. Just say yes and we will do the rest to get your Association involved!  We also support CLAC financially, and spend many volunteer hours serving on the committees and attending e
vents in order to strengthen our industry and support the interests of our clients.  

Read what our clients are saying about us...
"The OVA staff recognizes and appreciates the professional, knowledgeable and reliable experts we work with on a regular basis!!! We are grateful for reliable, immediate access to our financial reports, vendor accounts, payables/receivables accounts, escrow activity, legal member report generations, and so on! The board members... rely on your efficient financial reports, reconciliations, extensive member record management and ready access to relevant reports as requested!"

Cathy Dougherty, Office Manager & Executive Assistant,
Oakmont Village Association

Our management company has joined a national community management cooperative to add increased value to our associations and residents. The goal of our network is to create powerful resources and innovative technologies that improve our communities. Through our investment in the co-op, we are able to pass along savings opportunities to our clients with the programs offered.  One great opportunity is Community Base, a customized app designed specifically for each community association serving as one platform for assessment payment, push notifications from management and the board, contact us tool, and anything else that would benefit your community specifically.  CFM is covering the cost of this great benefit and all you need to do is let us know you are interested!  We can show you a demo of the app and once approved, can provide a URL code on homeowner assessment statements for download, it is that easy!  Please check out our brochure for more detailed information here.  Also, please visit our website for further information at: